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Wood Ridge Locksmith Store
Located at:
1 Ethel Boulevard, Wood Ridge, NJ 07075
Tel: 201-620-6504

About US Wood Ridge Locksmith Store.

Wood Ridge Locksmith Store has been serving Wood Ridge and the surrounding metropolitan area since 2005. We are a small but very broad company, handling all manners of Lock Difficulties for private homes, commercial buildings, and automobiles. We employ three Mobile Locksmiths who will be immediately dispatched from our downtown offices the moment you need them. We respond to Emergency Locksmith calls as quickly as possible, using the most advanced GPS technology to find the closest technicians to a given location and dispatch them with a description of the problem.

A small but growing company in Wood Ridge, NJ, we employ Mobile Locksmiths. All technicians are trained in cross-trained in various Locksmith verticals. We are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau and the associated Locksmiths of America, and we look forward to many more years helping the citizens of Wood Ridge whenever we can.

We also offer an affordable, flat rate service fee for all projects. While some Locksmith companies will change their service fees depending on the complexity of the project, we charge $29 for our technicians to drive to the location, wherever it is, assess the problem and offer the best advice on how to fix the issue, as well as an estimate for how much it will cost. Whether a car has blacked out windows Power Locks, or it’s located over half an hour from the nearest technician, the service fee for the assessment will be a flat $29 to come out to your location plus labor.

You made a great choice! Thanks for visiting Wood Ridge Locksmith Store. We appreciate you taking the time to read through our materials and consider hiring us for your next Locksmith Job. We guarantee your satisfaction with our Local Locksmith Services and hope we can be of service to you in the future. Please let your family and friends know about Wood Ridge Locksmith Store and give us a call for fast friendly and Affordable Locksmith Services. Call 201-620-6504 for immediate assistance. 24 Hours 7 Days a Week



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Wood Ridge Locksmith Store

1 Ethel Boulevard, Wood Ridge, NJ 07075
Ph: 201-620-6504
Fax: 201-620-6504
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